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Lion Buzz™ is an Internet deployment and operation group:  We get your blog going and keep you up. The last four years we built blogs and sites for businesses and private individuals. New technologies in the Internet contentiously enable people to communicate better, stay in touch with fans and customers and overall improve their image. This last year (July 2009 to June 2010) has seen an explosion of social media connection to blogs. Now there are many more ways to promote your message, connect with people and create communities both wide and deep.

If you need a blog or simply think that you have more to say to an audience, we encourage you to call us. If you do not understand how blogs work, how they inform and influence, or how to entice someone to call you or buy directly, than we need to talk. We see a gap between what most people think Internet communication for business is, and what the reality. The term WEB2.0, coined by Tim O’Reily, a blogger and publisher, has captured an idea that is easy to identify. For the first time in human history, anyone can communicate widely and deeply. Free and open communication is driving people to trust in others more. It is also enticing people to communicate more and say things they were not able to say before.

What we see in general blogging and social media:

What we see in personal communication:

Extended Internet with mobile devices: